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What is Yoga?

Is it Yoga? Ask Nature for a Simple Answer
Yoga is a art of living. Learning Yoga is learning the art of living. Learning Yoga as a exercise training routine limits its advantages and benefits, because then we have limited expectations and are workouts are also physical without giving any attention to other factors.

Those who know Yoga or are already practicing Yoga must understand that actually all the Yoga postures were based on some natural phenomena. Like some form of animal or plant, there activities etc. Although most of the original Sanskrit names have now been transformed to new names (especially in English).

I am not saying that we should strictly follow the traditional names but what I mean to say is that those names were indicative of posture and how to attain it. Today one has to learn these postures from video or instructors who may or may not be quiet adept in Yoga.

Keeping the natural process of doing Yoga in mind will only help in developing our own insight about the postu…

Exploring Yoga in Everyday Life.

Yoga isn't something new to anyone of us, it is there and it has been there. We are all engaged in some form of Yoga which is either a good Yoga or a bad Yoga. Learning Yoga practically and adopting it in our lifestyle is something that we can do.

Yoga is not a exercise or routine of exercise only. Exercise are just a part of Yoga postures. Actually there are many differences between Yoga posture and exercise. Yoga postures need a different mindset, while exercise needs a sportive mindset.

Yoga is like a breeze and exercise is like a wind (rigorous exercises can be compared to storm). Every Yoga posture needs a slow and gentle transformation without any jerk or force, just like a breeze.

Starting Yoga is not like starting exercises where you have to warm up physically in order to do physical workout. In Yoga you have to warm up mentally in order to stay calm and natural while doing Yoga. Even before you reach these postures one has to learn and understand some basics, which lay the b…